Sunday, December 11, 2022

(JK) Important GK Questions for JKSSB VLW EXam 2022 || Download GK MCQs Solved Pdf

GK Questions

Q1. What other Viruses belong to the CORONAVIRUS Family?

A.    SARS and Influenzas

B.    SARS and MERs

C.   SARS and HIV

D.   Zika Virus and SARS

Q2. Chips Bags Contain Which Gas

A.    Oxygen

B.    Hydrogen

C.   Carbon

D.   Nitrogen

Q3. SVEEP Programme is Related to

A.    Cleanliness

B.   Voter Literacy

C.   Mars Landing Programme

D.   Urban Amenities Development

Q4. Which of the Following is a Non-Metal that Remains liquid at Room Temperature

A.    Phosphorous

B.   Bromine

C.   Chlorine

D.   Helium

Q5. Plants Absorb Most of the water needed by them through them

A.    Embryonic

B.    Zone of Elongation

C.   Root Hairs

D.   Growing Point

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